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  1. An update on our earlier Whooping Cough story post. Here is the full Senator Larsen clip with both the question and answer.

    Click here to jump the the NewsiT Whooping Cough Assignment.
    See the original blog post here.
  2. Update On The Whooping Cough Story

    New Audio Clip

    In April 2012, Rep. Rick Larsen, (D- Washington) was interviewed by, NewsiT’s sister site. Representative Larsen was asked about the possibility of introducing legislation requiring the public to be notified directly about epidemics such as pertussis.
    Hear the quote here and read more about it at Newsit.

  3. Whooping Cough Epidemic Showcases Shortcomings in System

    A question posted to NewsiT’s sister site,, about requiring the CDC to notify the general public in the case of an epidemic led to a NewsiT story about a whooping cough (pertussis) epidemic in Washington State.

    Have you or anyone in your family had whooping cough? Did you know your childhood vaccine against the disease has probably worn off?  Join the story and help us continue to report on the dangers of pertussis.