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  1. Noteworthy Newsmaker: Henrietta Morrison

    UK based Lily’s Kitchen makes delicious organic and holistic pet food for dogs and cats. Henrietta Morrison, Founder and MD of Lily’s Kitchen Pet Food, is a respected entrepreneur, leader in the canine community and quite simply a dog lover. That’s why we are delighted that she has joined in the latest NewsiT story; Don’t Lock the Dogs Out!

    In cities and towns everywhere, stores and businesses have different policies about dogs. Some allow only service dogs inside; some don’t allow dogs at all and some welcome pooches with open arms. (or paws.)

    Henrietta is leading her London-based friends and fans on the NewsiT assignment to see what the story is in her neck of the woods. We’ll be sure to keep you posted as the story evolves.

    In one afternoon or one hour, how many places of business can you bring your dog in?
    Are you a dog lover, professional or leader in the doggie community? We hope you’ll take a page out of Henrietta ‘s book and report what you find from your neighborhood… and see what your friends and followers can find out too. How many businesses can you (
    Details here.)

    About Lily’s Kitchen:
    Henrietta began cooking for her dog Lily after she realized that many dogs food contained strange ingredients that gave her dog various health problems, like itchy ears and skin.

    After a few weeks, Henrietta was delighted by the improvements in Lily’s health, she decided that someone needed to produce really healthy, proper food that would make a real difference to pets - and owners. So that’s how Lily’s Kitchen was born.

    Lily’s Kitchen natural pet food is made with real meat, organic grains, organic vegetables, organic fruit and herbs. They don’t use any colorings, flavorings, sweeteners or artificial preservatives.

    Lily’s Kitchen believes pet food should be made from proper ingredients - delicious, recognizable ones that you would love to dish up every day for your best friend.

    For more information, please visit their website:

     Henrietta Morrison and Lily