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  1. Students arrested at Sallie Mae during college loan protest

    Check out the latest report from NewsiT.

  2. #NYC12 - CMA NYC

    The Spring College Media Convention, presented by the College Media Association. 1,200 college journalists and their advisers will attend 250-plus sessions. NewsiT will be there as well, speaking about crowd sourced citizen journalism.

    We look forward to our first CMA NYC event! Join us Monday at 2:30 in presidential suite for a discussion about crowd-reporting news on college campuses (and learn about our just-released app, too)!

    Tweet us at @newsitnews or @younewsit if you are there.

    Look for us at the Sheraton New York,
    811 Seventh Ave at 52nd Street


    Are you a student veteran? Is the Post-9/11 GI Bill working? If so, we’d like to hear from you.

    The latest NewsiT assignment is about the GI Bill.  We have several, simple tasks in this assignment. Please log in and contribute to the story. It’s quick and easy. And please pass this on to anyone else who might be interested. Details on this and all other all open assignments can be found at our web site.

    NewsiT is a mobile crowd-reporting platform for creating and sharing quality news of personal relevance. Our “correspondents” are people from all walks of life, like me and you, who love to contribute and be a part of the story.  The more people that add to the assignment, the better.  Join in and report on the news that matters to you!

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  4. Help us report: How will student debt affect your life?

    Student loan debt now exceeds total credit card debt in this country.  How student debt do you or will you have to pay off?  What does that mean for your financial future? Contribute to the assignment, tell your friends, and help NewsiT report this important and timely story.   

  5. How much do YOU spend on textbooks?

    About 30 NewsiT users contributed more than 100 pieces of content to this timely story. Read it, share it and participate as the story continues to develop.