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  1. NewsiT Version 2.2 Is Out

    Good news! NewsiT version 2.2 has been released on Apple!

    So what’s new on v2.2? You can now rate contributions to push the best to the top. You’ll also find advanced social sharing options and more. Check it out and please let us know what you think.

    If you have not downloaded the free NewsiT app yet, now is the perfect time to try it. The election is heating up and there is a huge storm bearing down on the east coast. These stories and more are unfolding on NewsiT and we’d love for you to join in the conversation… and the fun.

    Meanwhile, we’re hard at work on v2.3, which will debut in early November. We are excited to report that this release will feature a home screen. From here you’ll be able to see the latest from your NewsiT friends, be able to share content more widely and see how the community is rating your contributions and those of your friends.

    We are constantly working to make NewsiT better. Stay tuned for more updates as they roll out.

    Visit to learn more and get the app.

  2. Voter ID: Necessary Protection or Ballot Suppression?


    Voter ID is a hot issue this Election. Voter laws have changed in many states. Confusion is growing amid legal challenges and claims the new laws will tilt a close race either way.

    Will voters in your state know what they need to vote? Will poll workers carry out the right laws? Will they protect the vote or deprive citizens of their rights? Could it impact the results on Nov. 6th? Help tell the story.  Here’s how:

    - Download the NewsiT app. It’s free.
    - Choose Voter ID as an interest
    - Browse threads
    - Contribute! Just tap the grey !T button and TelliT or SnapiT!
    - Ask friends to help: Tap AskiT and share on Facebook and Twitter
    - Use the #VoterID hashtag on Twitter

    Your contributions will be published in real time on the NewsiT app and where you can make news – and history!


    When you vote, document what’s happening! What do poll workers ask you? Are they following the rules? Are people being turned away? Is there confusion?

    1. Any problems with early voting? Mail in or absentee ballots?

    2. Are Voter ID laws clear? How many people are being turned away? Why? Are people being allowed to vote without ID? If people forget their ID, what are they being told to do? Interview voters and ask them about their experiences.
    3. Keep an eye out for voter intimidation or misinformation.

    Share posts and photos by uploading to a thread – or creating a new thread in the NewsiT app. Vote elements up or down. Share with your friends!


    Voter ID laws in your state? Click “Know what kind of ID to bring” at

     Snapping photos or video at your polling place? Make sure it’s legal:

  3. Ask Your Lawmaker

    Have you seen NewsiT’s sister site, Ask Your Lawmaker? If you could ask Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid any question, what would it be? What would you ask Sen. McCain? Speaker Boehner? Or Minority Leader Pelosi? If you had a microphone and a media pass at the U.S. Capitol, what would you ask your lawmaker? Now you can help hold your elected representatives to account: where do they stand on the important issues? What do they do all day?

    NewsiT gets your questions answered. Our reporters trawl the corridors and committee rooms of Congress, microphone in hand, asking Senators and Representatives what YOU want to ask. We want to make sure lawmakers know what issues matter most to you, your family, your community.