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  1. On the Outside Looking In: Where are Dogs Allowed?

    NewsiT’s running story on businesses that will and won’t allow access to dogs continues to evolve. Check out the Latest News on our web site for details.

    We welcome you to join us on this story. In one day, one afternoon or one hour, how many places of business can you bring your dog in? Snap a pic or send us a report from your town and add to the crowd-sourced news story.

  2. Ask Your Lawmaker

    Have you seen NewsiT’s sister site, Ask Your Lawmaker? If you could ask Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid any question, what would it be? What would you ask Sen. McCain? Speaker Boehner? Or Minority Leader Pelosi? If you had a microphone and a media pass at the U.S. Capitol, what would you ask your lawmaker? Now you can help hold your elected representatives to account: where do they stand on the important issues? What do they do all day?

    NewsiT gets your questions answered. Our reporters trawl the corridors and committee rooms of Congress, microphone in hand, asking Senators and Representatives what YOU want to ask. We want to make sure lawmakers know what issues matter most to you, your family, your community.