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  1. Problems Persist As Election Day Nears End

    Heavy voter turnout, confusion over Voter ID requirements and malfunctioning voting machines were among the issues being faced in key swing states across the country as Election Day wrapped up Tuesday.

    In Pennsylvania, where an earlier video of malfunctioning voter machines went viral, several other reports surfaced, including this one on VideotheVote.

    In Ohio, VideotheVote captured footage of voters who appeared to be properly registered and have proper identification still being required to cast provisional ballots.

    And in Northern Virginia’s hotly contested Prince William County, considered one of the bellwether localities in this election, voters in a heavily minority precinct were forced to wait up to five hours to cast their ballots, according to  

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  2. Long Lines in South Carolina; Voter Asked for ID

    A judge ruled last month that South Carolina’s Voter ID law could not be enforced in Tuesday’s election, but at least one voter (@phoriginals) tweeted that she was asked to provide an ID. 

    Regardless of the ID requirement, lines were apparently long throughout the state.  Karen L. Mallia (@JerseyAdBabe) tweeted that she waited in line four hours and 40 minutes to vote.

    Derrall Stalvey (@Derrall) said his mother-in-law was in line for more than five hours in Columbia.

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  3. Confusion over Voter ID Reigns in New Hampshire

    New Hampshire is one of the country’s smallest states, with only four electoral votes. But it’s also a swing state, so every vote counts. And it’s not alone in confusion about voter ID laws.

    New Hampshire voter Amy Barnes (@moeizme) tweeted, “All the literature says: You don’t need a photo ID to vote in NH. I go to the poll & they say: show me a photo ID? Whaaaaa? .”

    Actually, as it turns out, New Hampshire does have a new law requiring a photo ID. But if voters don’t have one, they can fill out an affidavit at the polls and still be allowed to vote, as the Secretary of State’s website explains.

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  4. Video Purports to Show Voting Machine Error

    Links to a video purporting to show a voting machine error at a polling place in Pennsylvania are making their way around Twitter and other social media sites.  When the voter tries to vote for President Obama, Romney is selected, and no matter what he does, he can’t vote for Obama.

    Here’s one blog that references the video and the detail from the person who allegedly shot the video.

    "Has anybody verified that this video is real?" tweeted Mary Ellen Godin (@CConnBiz).

    Added Brian Avallone (@BrianAvallone), “Do you think Obama’s lawyers were already wheels down in PA before that video of the voting machine went viral?”

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  5. Was the Voter ID law followed correctly in your state? Any issues at the polls?  Download the NewsiT app for your iPhone or iPad and join the story.  Click on the gray “!T” button on the right to upload text or photos - tell us your experience, then come back and follow the results here !

    Was the Voter ID law followed correctly in your state? Any issues at the polls?  Download the NewsiT app for your iPhone or iPad and join the story.  Click on the gray “!T” button on the right to upload text or photos - tell us your experience, then come back and follow the results here !

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  6. GOP Ordered to Stop Asking for ID in Pa.

    A judge in Pennsylvania has issued an injunction ordering Republican campaigners to stop asking voters for identification outside a polling place in Homestead, Pa., according to judge ruled that only poll-workers inside the polling stations can ask for IDs. Pennsylvania’s Voter ID law is not being enforced this election, meaning that voters do not need to provide an ID, even if asked.

    According to a story in Business Insider, Republicans have developed a mobile app that allows them track registered voters and determine who has voted and who hasn’t so they can target last-minute get-out-the-vote efforts. About 34,000 volunteers have been trained on the app and deployed to polling sites Tuesday.

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  7. Pennsylvania Voters Asked for ID; Some Refuse

    Pennsylvania voters are being asked to show identification when they go to the polls Tuesday, but they are not required to provide it.  A judge ruled last month that the state’s Voter ID law could not be enforced until next year’s elections.

    According to reports on NewsiT’s VoterID feed, the ruling is being followed.

    Rick Claypool (@citizenRick) tweeted that he was asked by poll workers for a photo ID when he voted early Tuesday morning.  He refused to provide one and was allowed to vote with no problem.

    CollideAScope (@ChristyRidTram) said when she voted in Pennsylvania the worker asked an African-American voter in line for his ID. "I said loudly ‘He does not need it!’ Then she said, ‘Never mind, u don’t need it."

    Meanwhile, reported that some Harrisburg voters just received a bogus state mailer indicating that ID would be required at the polls - even though the mailer was sent out in September - before the judge’s ruling delaying the enforcement of the law.

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  8. Long Waits as Virginia Checks Voter IDs

    Early voters in the swing state of Virginia were reporting long waits at many polling places Tuesday morning.  Virginia is among the states with a new Voter ID law, although a photo ID is not required.

    J. Matthew Wills (@jmwillsdc) reported a two-hour wait at the Fairfax County Government Center, one of the largest precincts in heavily populated Northern Virginia, with only five voting machines on site.

    William Conway (@Feds91) said that in the neighboring jurisdiction of Bristow, in Prince William County, the wait was 90 minutes, with only three voting machines working.

    And in the state capital of Richmond, voters reported longer lines and fewer machines than usual, said Heather (@momof3boysacn). 

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  9. Early Problems Reported in Hamilton County, Indiana

    Voting machine problems were reported early this morning in Hamilton County, Indiana, according to early posts from voters in that area.

    "A real mess opening polls here in Hamilton County. Voting machine cards were not setup correctly by Microvote in entire county,” tweeted Keith Clock (@KeithClock).

    Stan Harris (@SHICAGroup) reported about that voting machines are down and poll workers had not had any luck fixing them.

    By 6:30, however, it appeared some of the problems had been resolved, according to the Indianapolis Star

  10. Las Vegas Woman Arrested for Voter Fraud

    According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, a 56-year-old woman was arrested late last week and charged with trying to vote twice in the same election. 

    The woman voted once at one precinct on Monday and then appeared at a second precinct, apparently trying to vote again, the newspaper reported.  Nevada’s multi-jurisdictional Elections Integrity Task Force made the arrest on Friday.

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