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  1. NewsiT Developing Story: Don’t Lock the Dogs Out!

    If you have a dog in the big city you’ve probably tried to bring your four-legged friend on shopping errands. You may have been chased out – or plied with dog treats and shown the water bowl.

    Now it’s time to help NewsiT with our latest story.

    Share your photos, video and experiences at different retailers across town.

    It’s easy, fun and you can win some special dog treats!

    NewsiT is a mobile crowd-reporting platform for creating & sharing what matters most to you. Now you can contribute to developing stories right from your laptop, tablet or iPhone:

    • Report what stores in your neighborhood or city allow dogs inside – and which ones don’t
    • Video or photo your dog inside a store – or the one that got tied up outside
    • Interview dog owners about their experiences; ask if they decide where to shop – or spend more – at dog-friendly retailers
    • What about people who don’t own dogs – what do they think about allowing pets into stores?
    • Interview store owners or managers about their policies

    Post your photo, text report, audio or video. Tell your friends – and invite them into the assignment.

    Just sign up or download the free NewsiT iPhone app, accept the tasks below and then follow the ongoing results on

    It’s fun and you can earn points, badges – even special doggy prizes – for your contributions. Best of all, you get to be a part of the action and make an impact on the stories that are near and dear to you.

    Contributing To A NewsiT Assignment

    On the web:
    Go to and sign in. You’ll see all of the open assignments and you can click on any of them to see the associated tasks. NewsiT breaks down each assignment into simple, manageable tasks. You might be asked to answer a question or upload a photo or video. Choose whatever tasks interest you, and do as many as you want.

    (Note: If you can’t see the tasks below in Internet Explorer, please use the Chrome or Firefox browsers.)

    From your iPhone:
    Simply download the free iPhone app and you can be a NewsiT correspondent right from your iPhone. Access assignments, upload photos, video and text for tasks and go mobile with your reporting!

    Spread the Word
    The last step is also a very important one. Spread the word! Tell your friends, tweet the link and reach out to your friends who might be interested in joining the coverage.

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