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    Are you a student veteran? Is the Post-9/11 GI Bill working? If so, we’d like to hear from you.

    The latest NewsiT assignment is about the GI Bill.  We have several, simple tasks in this assignment. Please log in and contribute to the story. It’s quick and easy. And please pass this on to anyone else who might be interested. Details on this and all other all open assignments can be found at our web site.

    NewsiT is a mobile crowd-reporting platform for creating and sharing quality news of personal relevance. Our “correspondents” are people from all walks of life, like me and you, who love to contribute and be a part of the story.  The more people that add to the assignment, the better.  Join in and report on the news that matters to you!

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  2. What’s New at NewsiT

    News is breaking on several fronts this week.  Check out the links below and contribute your voice to the coverage, if you haven’t already:

    The “mainstream media” largely ignored Monday’s march on the White House in support of Ron Paul by several thousand current and former servicemen and women and their family members and friends. NewsiT didn’t.  We were there, covering the event live via Twitter and Facebook.  And thanks to contributions from participants, see our complete story, with links to additional photos and even some video.  If you participated but haven’t posted your information yet, do so here - we’ll keep updating the story as we receive more information. 

    Friday is the deadline to contribute to our story on student debt.  How have student loans affected you, your family or friends who are current college students or recent graduates?  Help us report this story, and share the assignment with anyone affected by this issue.

    Have you used the post-911 G.I. Bill to attend college?  How well did it work? Did you serve in the military overseas and try to vote in an election?  Are you sure your vote was counted? Tell us about your experiences with these two new assignments. 

    We’re gearing up for the huge South by Southwest Interactive festival in Austin, Texas, next month.  Our first SXSW assignment is posted, with more to come. 

    Please share these assignments and stories with friends and others to help us grow participation. And don’t forget to "Like" us on Facebook, follow us (@younewsit) on Twitter.