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  1. Attention Vacationers and Travel Bloggers!

    Here is a little more information about OE Travel Blogs, a travel site that is encouraging their readers to participate in NewsIT’s running story rating airline seats. OE Travel Blogs is a site that offers first hand travel experience from like-minded travellers. If you are venturing out on vacation or an adventure, be sure to check them out. If you are a travel blogger, OE Travel Blogs welcomes guest blogs and reviews as well.
    (See below for more.)

     If you are taking a trip this summer, be sure to download our iPhone app and let us know how your airplane seats were.

  2. Take the Middle Seat… to your future

    NewsiT News:

    John Chamberlain’s view from the least popular seat in the row. Read his story over at our main site:

  3. NewsiT Developing Story: Best & Worst Airline Seats Ranked


    Are airline seats getting smaller? And what do you do when that big guy in front of you reclines his seat so far it pushes your knees against your chest?

    AirGuideOnline is releasing its latest rankings of the largest and smallest seats on North American airlines. In the rankings for economy class seats, Jet Blue has the biggest seats in its A320-200 short-haul aircraft. Those seats were measured at a pitch (distance between seats) of 34 inches and width (armrest to armrest) of 18 inches.

    Help NewsiT and rate airline seats. Join the story and answer some simple questions. Details at